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Booch Hooch!

Company Wellness plan


My company is starting a wellness program, and we've decided to implement a 'wellness bucks' program as incentive. I am looking for ideas on both how to gain points and things we can use as prizes (preferablycheap or free).

Here is a list of things I have so far:
1+ mile walk at lunch .5 points
Events 1 point
Health Fair .5 points for each
5 bonus points for hitting all stations
Smoking Cessation
1 month 1 point
3 months 2 points
6 months 3 points
1 year 4 points
Donate blood 3 points
Dental Cleaning (2 a year) 5 points
Yearly Physical 10 points
Yearly Eye Appointment 10 points
1 year gym membership 10 points

company store bucks
$25 Gift certificate
Prime parking space for 1 month
One hour paid time off (leave early on a Friday)

Also, if anyone has ever done something like this and has some advise, please share your experiences with me! :-)

Thanks in advance!!

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