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Critique and feedback: my life plan

This is sort of like a plan for the coming year or few. I'm interested in feedback, particularly if there are things I could do to significantly improve my life that I haven't listed and for advice on the things I have listed to work on improving my life.
As you'll see, the areas are: healthy eating, exercise, housework, budgeting (minor), nurturing relationships, and broadening my horizons.

Mission statement:

Main Personal Objectives for the next year:
1. Strive for greater consciousness, esp. in the particular areas of eating, exercise, housework, and budgeting (more generally, allocate time better, be proactive, develop more and in a more planned way)
2. Nurture my relationships (TIPS ON THIS PLEASE!)
3. Broaden my horizons (cultural things such as art and poetry, natural sciences) [tips on this as well!]

Track all money being spent (item, cost, date)
Implement "Getting Things Done" workflow management system further

Wake up earlier (move toward slowly, after catching up on sleep)
Nothing online: focus on proactive, productive work
Regular exercise
Regular study at home and on subway

At work (do personal errands and studying when possible)
Light reading on subway home (b/c more tired)

Organize different areas of house (temporary till house is set-up; moved in recently)
Do regular housework (set aside one evening each week for housework)
Read: light reading (for now, read 1 chapter of GTD book a night)
Relax more
Catch up on sleep (go to bed earlier)

Short term: work on organizing different areas of house more

Weekly to Monthly:
Dinners with meg and with friends (move to weekly dinners with friends)
Cultural events
Nurture relationships: Jackson friends and family (write letters? or emails? and phone calls)

Yearly goals:
Possibly long weekends quarterly with Meg (spend time away from bustle)

Implementation plan
Organize with the "Getting Things Done" system: develop project plans for each goal or group of goals and then define the next, specific step to move toward achieving those goals.
(I use this program by the way: trimpath.com/demos/nextaction_static1/nextaction.htm which is really cool.)

Subplans that I'm still working on:
Healthy eating
Budget [this I'm tracking all my money for 2 months and will then develop a budget]
Getting Things Done system
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