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chest pains... ?

Hell. Now I'm getting chest pains. Dizzy too. Seeing floaty spots. Niiiiice.

No matter how many times I go through this, I wish there was some way to tell if it is just anxiety, or a more serious problem. Because not knowing only makes the anxiety worse, and ignoring it isn't an option. If I knew for sure it was just anxiety, I would be far more able to ignore it.

Is there anything, regarding the chest pains and dizzyness that any of you think I should be concerned about?** Any signs that it's more than just your run of the mill anxiety? I try to keep my hypochondriac self in check, but I don't want to dismiss any serious warning signs that might indicate something else.

Could even be heartburn/acid reflux? Doesn't feel like typical heartburn, but I've heard people describe it sometimes as chestpains and trouble breathing. Maybe I'll take a zantac just for the hell of it. Shouldn't hurt, might help.

I'm going to try and go to bed and read, and see if that helps some. Ugh. I'd meditate, but it's too hard to breathe, and too much pain to relax. The reading usually helps, especially if it is just anxiety. Considering the stress levels at work this week, anxiety is almost certainly the culprit. I feel a migrane coming on too, so I'm pretty sure it is just stress/anxiety related.

Since I'm posting this in the community, I thought I'd go ahead and ask... what do YOU do to relieve stress. I usually meditate, mild exercise, read a book, or take a hot shower. I'm trying to avoid crawling under the covers at the first sign of stress and fatigue, so it would be nice to hear what other people's favorite stress relievers are.

**I'm not really asking for medical advice, if it gets too bad I'll see a doctor. I actually even have an appointment on Monday and I'll be asking about it then too. I'm just asking for general opinions or whatever...**
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