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On the road to better health

Mind, Body, and Spirit

The daily challenge of health and wellness
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Balance of mind, body and spirit, for a healthier life. A positive community for those of us that struggle with health problems of all kinds, who want to share our experience and struggles with healthier living. Whether the issues are psychological, physiological, environmental, dental, diet, something else or a combination...be welcome.

I was going to start a health journal for myself, but decided instead to make it a community so that others had a place to discuss health problems and solutions along with me. Besides a myriad of mental health issues, I also deal with some physical ailments. I'm also a recovering drug addict. (3.5 years of wonderful sobriety! Go Me!)
After years of trying to treat each symptom independantly, I'm looking for a more holistic approach. Mind, body, and spirit. The balance of healthy diet, mild exercise, therapy, meditation, as well as addressing some other things head on has done more for me than 15 years of medication.

I'd like to hear people's experience with alternative medicines like accupuncture, accupressure, naturopathy, reiki, hypnotherapy, meditation and yoga, and any I'm not thinking of.

This is just the bare bones of the community info, I just wanted to get it up and running. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Finally, just a couple of basic rules:

1. Do NOT dispense medical advice. We aren't doctors. (Even if we were, we wouldn't be dispensing medical advice over the internet) Please limit your suggestions to your own experience, what you've read, researched, etc. Suggestions on what kind of doctor to see is great. Playing doctor is not. Saying "B-12 shots helped me immensely with my fatigue" is okay, telling someone else to take something without consulting their physician is not appropriate.

2. This isn't a dieting community. There are *lots* of those out there. Discussing diet is great, and encouraged, as long as it is a *healthy* diet, not a strictly weight loss diet. Same goes for exercise and fitness, 12 stepping, etc. Those are all on-topic, but not the sole purpose of this journal. Moderation and balance are the keys.

3. I believe spirituality to be vital to a healthy self, but everyone's spirituality is going to be different. Sharing ways you connect with your spiritual self is encouraged, but proselytizing will not be tolerated.

4. TMI is completely acceptable, but please put it behind a cut. Just warn us first if you're going to be discussing anything particularly unpleasant or personal. :)

5. Although I'm sure it goes without saying, please be civil to each other.

6. If it is a medical emergency, or you feel like hurting yourself or others, call 911. If you experience any health issues that are otherwise dangerous or unusual, please see your doctor first, and ~then~ talk to us about it.

I'm starting out by inviting my friends who I know deal with health issues, but if you happen across this community, feel free to join and introduce yourself.
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